U.S. State Department Warns Chinese Communist Party Is A “Threat”

(PoliticalLookout.com)- The United States Department of State once again warned the nation about the Chinese Communist Party, outlining specific issues in a tweet on December 17, The department explained how President Donald Trump is taking action to ensure that America remains a sovereign nation and that the safety and security of its citizens are protected.

In a follow-up tweet that same day, a message from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was uploaded, describing how it has taken a long time for the United States and the rest of the free world to fully understand the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the threats it poses, and how it intends to “dominate the free world.”

“We want China to engage on the world stage the way we ask every other nation to,” Pompeo added, making it clear that the United States would like to see normal relations with the country and not escalating conflict.

Then, in a third and final tweet, the Department of State revealed how the CCP poses a threat to America’s financial markets, impacts American investors, and poses a threat to national security.

The tweet included a link to an article on the State Department’s website explaining how U.S. investors are funding malign PRC companies.

It follows weeks of new measures taken by the State Department and Trump administration to crack down on the CCP and the damage it does to the United States, with several exchange programs between the US and China shut down to stop the spread of Chinese propaganda in the US, and officials from the CCP banned from entering the US entirely.