UN ADMITS Vast Majority of Boat Migrants AREN’T Real Asylum Seekers

(PoliticalLookout.com)- By now, most of the world knows that the migrants jumping onto tiny boats to cross the ocean and reach Europe aren’t really refugees and asylum seekers. The European Union’s own data processing body, EuroStat, admitted years ago that a vast majority of “Syrian refugees” weren’t really from Syria and now the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has admitted that the majority of these migrants aren’t eligible for asylum at all.

Vincent Cochetel, the special envoy on illegal immigration across the Mediterranean for the UNHCR, demanded that the European Union give private organizations access to let migrants come into Europe. And European Union countries like Germany seem open to it.

On Tuesday, an interview with outlet InfoMigrants was published where Cochetel claimed that it is a “basic principle of humanity” to help migrants leave their countries and arrive in Europe, even if they aren’t actually asylum-seekers.

“If European states do not want to take responsibility for rescue at sea, let them make way for civil society actors,” he said in the interview. He didn’t, however, address the fact that the migrants being ferried into Europe are being paid for by taxpayer, being allowed to roam the streets and are often given free housing and accommodation, and are putting a strain on European economies…not to mention angering locals!

Then, Cochetel made the stunning admission that a small minority of these people are even eligible to apply for asylum in the first place.

“Only 20 percent of those who set sail from Libya are in need of protection,” he said. “This, therefore, means that 70 percent have no intention of seeking Asylum in Europe.

He then said that European nations should increase their deportation efforts to get rid of illegal immigrants…despite advocating for their importation. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

“A fair and equitable return mechanism must also be put in place,” he said, “because otherwise the whole asylum system will be called into question by European states and their peoples.”

When he was asked about the increasing number of Algerians heading in boats to Europe, Cochetel said he expected it was a result of economic problems in Afraid.

So, what, should Europe just…keep letting people in? Cochetel thinks so.