VIDEO: News Anchor Reminds Biden That Obama Put Kids In Cages!

( – Well, this is awkward.

The Democrats love to accuse President Donald Trump of putting children in cages at the border, seemingly forgetting that President Barack Obama’s administration started and perfected the practice themselves.

In an interview published on Friday night, Univision News anchor Jorge Ramos reminded the former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of the track record of the Obama administration.

Ramos reference a comment made by Biden relating to the practice of separating children from adults who bring them over the southern border illegally. Specifically, Ramos referenced Biden’s claim that the Obama administration did not put kids in cages.

But that was untrue.

Ramos even provided evidence, telling Biden “you actually did,” and showing him a photograph of an eight-year-old boy from Honduras who was temporarily held in a cage at the border.

Incredibly, though, Biden didn’t flinch. In fact, he doubled down! The former vice president defended his record and explained that the situation was different. “What happened was all the unaccompanied children were coming across the border…We tried to get them out ,we kept them sage, and get them out of the detention center…and get them into communities as quickly as we can.”

Biden didn’t offer an explanation of how his practice was any different to what is done today, however. In defending the Obama administration’s actions, Biden made it clear that the attack on the president over action taken to protect children at the border is totally hypocritical.

Donald Trump has not expanded on the practice. In fact, the facilities used to contain illegal immigrants have been improved since the days of the Obama administration. But Biden had no answer for that.

You can watch Biden squirm his way through the interview in the video below.

Biden, in true Biden style, then got confrontational and angry. The former frontrunner in the Democratic race argued that there was simply “no comparison” between Obama’s immigration record and Trump’s.

He even claimed Ramos was lying, saying, “You know you’re not telling the truth here.”

No, Joe Biden. We know you’re not telling the truth.