WATCH: Pelosi PRE-TORE Trump’s SOTU Papers During Speech

( – Think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to tear up President Trump’s State of the Union speech was an impassioned and in-the-moment response? Think again.

New footage shows that Pelosi, throughout the SOTU address, was preparing to rip the pages up at the end. Footage shows the California congresswoman splitting the papers into different piles and making small tears in each pile as if to test the thickness of each pile and ensure she could achieve a nice, clean rip.

The footage was shared by the Trump War Room official Twitter account. It showed Pelosi, showing total disrespect to the president, making the tears at 9:49pm. As the president discussed new research into child cancer cures, Pelosi was more interested in making sure her stunt would be as seamless as possible.

A photograph of the speech placed on the desk in front of Pelosi was also released by the New York Post. In the photograph, it can clearly be seen split into multiple piles with small tears in the middle.

There is now no doubt that this stunt was pre-planned by Nancy Pelosi, but the verdict is still out on whether anyone planned this with her. If this was a tactic brainstormed by congressional Democrats, then it is one of the stupidest tactics they could have ever thought of. Pelosi’s stunt has proven hugely controversial and already become a campaign focus for Trump and his supporters. When the Speaker of the House is willing to destroy official documents and tear up a speech that celebrated great advancements for the American people, it should come as no surprise when voters get angry.

Freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a social media livestream after the State of the Union address, slammed conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for his response to an announcement by the president. During the SOTU speech, Trump announced that he would be giving the Medal of Freedom to Limbaugh, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It prompted a shocked response from the radio star, which Ocasio-Cortez branded fake.

But Pelosi’s stunt wasn’t, right?