WHO Bows Down to China, IGNORES Taiwan’s Coronavirus Achievements

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- If the World Health Organization wants the world to believe it isn’t working in the interests of communist China, then they should probably stop…working in the interests of communist China. The latest misstep from the global health organization is ignoring the coronavirus successes on the island state of Taiwan, and refusing to invite the country to the WHO annual meeting, the World Health Assembly.

Australia’s ABC News reported that even though Taiwan has yet to be invited to the global gathering, which will take the form of an online conference this year, the country will continue to strive to take part in the event and demonstrate what they have done to slow the spread of the virus.

Back in 2016, China forced Taiwan out of the WHO after the country elected President Tsai Ing-wen, a politician that China doesn’t view favorably as he is a proponent of an independent Taiwan. Every effort made by the country to regain at least an observer status at the annual WHO meeting has been met by resistance from China and the who. The Chinese Communist Party insists that Taiwan should simply not be recognized by the organization and that no honors or considerations should be granted to them.

And the WHO keeps doing what China demands.

This is despite the fact that Taiwan has demonstrated exceptional resolve in the face of the virus. While China hid. The death rates and infection numbers from the start, Taiwan has been open about the virus in their country. Johns Hopkins University confirmed that the country has only had six coronavirus death and 436 confirmed cases.

The clear bias in favor of communist China at the World Health Organization was demonstrated to the world when Bruce Aylward, the WHO assistant director-general, went silent after a journalist asked him about Taiwan’s status. Aylward simply ignored the question and continued looking at the journalist.

When the journalist repeated the question, he hung up the call.

ABC reports that the Taiwanese foreign ministry has “not yet received an invitation from W.H.O.” for the three-hour video conference that is due to take place next week. The government is “still waiting” and has a delegation ready to take part.

Why does the WHO bow down to China at every turn?