Will Far Left Use Biden As A TROJAN HORSE For Socialist Policy? | The News & Why It Matters

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When former Vice President Joe Biden is asked about the Hunter Biden controversy, he said, “It’s all a lie!” That is about as specific as he got. To add to the list of gaffes Biden has made, he talked about the possibility of four more years of “George.” WHO? Sen. Kamala Harris was asked about being the most far-Left member of Senate, and she actually acted surprised! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Biden needs to offer Bernie Sanders a Cabinet position. Is socialism already starting to make its way into a Biden presidency? A Vanity Fair writer is still attempting to make Judge Amy Coney Barrett look bad by suggesting that she would favor executing women who get abortions. And lastly, California will vote on whether or not 17-year-olds can vote. What’s the worst that could happen there?