Will Pelosi Recess House Until End of JULY?

(PoliticalLookout.com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to want to go to work. The partisan $3 trillion legislation recently put forward by the Democrats, a bill that Republicans were not allowed to take part in writing, includes a clause that allows House Speaker Pelosi to recess the House until the end of July.

Can you imagine if the politicians didn’t turn up to work until July 21, while the country is hurting as badly as it is?

Under the provision in the “Heroes Act,” House Democrats would approve a recess between May 19 and July 21, and they don’t appear willing to budge on it. The specific clause reads as follows:

“Section 4 of the rule provides that on any legislative day during the period from May 19, 2020, through July 21, 2020: the Journal of the proceedings of the previous day shall be considered as approved; ad the Chair may at any time declare the House adjourned to meet at a date and time to be announced by the Chair in declaring the adjournment.”

According to Politico, the Heroes bill – all 1,815 pages of it – serves more like a wishlist for the Democrats than a piece of legislation that helps the American people. It wouldn’t be the first time the Democrats tried to pull a stunt like this. During the second round of coronavirus relief package negotiations, the Democrats pulled their support for bipartisan proposed legislation and put forward their own bill instead. In the bill were several Green New Deal policies and other proposals ripped straight from the progressive agendas of Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Politico explained how, in private, “several House Democrats concede their latest bill feels like little more than an effort to appease the most liberal members of the caucus, many of whom were chafed that their most important priorities were minimized or ignored entirely in previous coronavirus negotiations.”

If you haven’t read the bill, and let’s face it who would want to read two thousand pages of this stuff, you might be surprised to learn it includes a provision to let rich people claim Earned Income Tax Credit which is designed for lower-income workers, that it extends assistance for non-profits to political action groups, and of course, it required mandatory mail-in ballots for all states.

Make no mistake…the Democrats are playing politics with the coronavirus.