WINNING: Asylum Rejections INCREASE Under Trump Reforms

( – President Donald Trump is successfully reducing the number of people successfully claiming asylum at the United States border, fulfilling a promise he made to the American people that he would reduce the number of people abusing the system.

According to new data from TRAC Reports Inc, asylum judges all over the country are powering through a massive backlog of requests made by illegal migrants, and claims are being denied at a higher rate than at any other time.

In 2019, President Trump’s judges processed more than 67,000 asylum cases – three times the number processed in 2016. The TRAC Reports Inc data also shows that the courts denied some 69% of claims in 2019, more than the 59% denied in 2016. That means more people abusing the system are being rejected, helping clear the backlog and make it easier for people with legitimate claims to be successful.

By adding judges, the Department of Justice has streamlined the process and hopes to make headway in clearing a backlog that has developed over many years, particularly under the Obama administration.

The backlog continued increasing through the Trump administration until major reforms were put in place recently. At the end of 2018,768,257 cases were waiting for an answer. It rose to more than one million by the end of 2019 after roughly one million Central Americans moved towards the United States border. It has since risen to 1.1 million but is now dropping drastically after Trump’s reforms.

Data from TRAC Reports Inc shows how the time spent on each case is decreasing gradually. In 2020, it now takes 711 days for each asylum cases, compared to 718 days in 2019.

It’s great news for now, but it still means that the United States is burdened by millions of illegal immigrants who are living in the country with no end in sight. If they live in Virginia, they’ll be given driver’s privilege cards that allow them to drive without having a license. In other states, they can never actually be removed by ICE officials if their cases ever get rejected.

President Trump is taking action but will need another four years to see the fruits of his work.