Wisconsin Poll: Trump Beats ALL Democratic Candidates By MASSIVE Margins

(PoliticalLookout.com) – As the Democrats battle it out to choose their candidate for November’s presidential election, things look very positive for President Donald Trump. According to a Quinnipiac poll for Wisconsin voters, President Trump is leading every single Democratic candidate by big margins.

The poll, published on Thursday, saw the president leading 50% to Bernie Sanders’ 43%, and 49% to Joe Biden’s 42%. When pitted against fellow New York City-made billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Trump wins with 49% to 41%, and 49% to Pete Buttigieg’s 41%.

Trump even beats the ladies in the race by significant margins, notably with Senator Amy Klobuchar. When put against the Democratic hopeful, Trump wins with 50% to her 39%. The president leads with 51% to Elizabeth Warren’s 41%.

Does Pocahontas really think she can take on Trump?

The poll looks solid, too. It surveyed registered voters in the state, 823 of them in total, and has a margin of error of around 3.4%.

The poll also found that, in Wisconsin, 31% of voters say the economy is the most important issue, while 27% say it’s health care. Just 12% answered “climate change.” President Donald Trump also received high praise for his ability to manage the economy, with voters in Wisconsin approving him by 59% to 38%. In Pennsylvania, voters approved 57% to 41%, and in Michigan, 52% to 44%. Interestingly, even in Michigan and Pennsylvania where Trump has some work to do to win over more voters, people put their preferences aside to say that he has improved the economy.

People can’t argue when they’ve got more money in their pockets!

But, here comes the tricky bit. Not all is well in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The two other Rust Belt states are critical for the president’s chances of being re-elected, and he’s currently trailing. Quinnipiac explains:

“In three critical Rust Belt states that delivered a victory to President Trump in 2016 by narrow margins, President Trump leads in head to head matchups against the top Democratic candidates in Wisconsin, but loses or trails within the margin of error in Pennsylvania matchups, and is locked in close races in Michigan, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University Poll released today.”

We all know how polls can be wrong, but if this proves to be true, then Trump has a fight on his hands…even if the Democratic candidate is terrible! Fighting back against the Fake News media and the onslaught of abuse received at the hand of the impeachment inquiry is tough, but these numbers have shown an increase in support in Wisconsin since the proceedings began.

Trump is surely up to the challenge!