Woman in Biden Ad Doesn’t Mention Giant $27,000 PPP Loan when Criticizing Trump’s COVID Response

(PoliticalLookout.com)- A new ad pushed by the Joe Biden 2020 election campaign shows just how low they’re willing to stoop to win this election. A video that features an African American businesswoman suggests that President Donald Trump hasn’t done enough to help businesses during the COVID outbreak, and has “left the American people behind.” The vague video failed to acknowledge, however, the fact that the woman starring in it received a huge $27,000 PPP loan to help keep her business running during the outbreak.

Tiffany Easley is the businesswoman behind NV My Eyewear, an eyewear shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Easley received a $27,000 forgivable loan from the federal government when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, giving her the chance to save her business and even keep her staff on board.

In the video ad, which you can see posted on Joe Biden’s Twitter campaign, Easley said that Trump “seemed to make everything else worse.”

What, with all that money he gave you?

Can you believe the absolute temerity of this woman?

“I always wanted to build something from the ground up,” she said. “I saved, put in the hours, and put off vacations.”

Easley went on to talk more about the difficulty of setting up her business and how the pandemic “brought everything to a halt,” as it did for businesses all over the country.

“I had to permanently close one location and furlough my employees, and it’s my staff. They’re my family. It’s just heartbreaking,” she said. “But what’s worse is that this president seemed to make everything else worse. Donald Trump and his administration left the American people behind.”

How, exactly?

“The people that he is supposed to protect and serve. Small businesses, they need a partner in the White House, and that’s why I’m with Joe,” she said.

What, you’re with Joe, but you’re not with the president that saved your business?